Welcome to the HOPE Protocol. Our breakthrough protocol has been helping women with a variety of conditions.
If you are suffering from loss of sexual desire, vaginal dryness and pain, sexual discomfort, urinary incontinence, or have pelvic conditions that are negatively affecting your happiness then the HOPE Protocol might be right for you.
It’s easy to let these conditions take the joy out of your life but now, there’s HOPE.

– Hormone Optimization

As women age towards menopause estrogen levels, and many other hormones, decline at an uneven rate. Proper function of the endocrine system, which includes the adrenal, thyroid, ovarian, and pancreatic glands is imperative to any healthy sex life. Dr. Ripoll’s HOPE Protocol first measures hormone levels in the body and then balances them based upon the results. Unlike traditional clinics that treat only one type of menopause, we at the HOPE Protocol recognize twelve different types and treat each with a unique approach. In combination with the other elements of the HOPE Protocol optimizing hormones is essential to regaining a healthy libido. After the hormone therapy of the HOPE Protocol patients also enjoy rejuvenated cognitive function, lowered depression, and weight loss. Dr. Ripoll often sees significant results in her patients in a little as two weeks. Learn more.

O – Organ Health (Vaginal)

Many women experience dryness of the vaginal tissue, and weakness of the pelvic floor and urinary sphincter as they age, which frequently results in painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and urgency and high frequency of urination. Brought about by childbirth, menopause, and other factors, most women experience some sort of urinary incontinence in their lifetime. By combining the breakthrough PRP procedure ‘The O Shot,’ pressure wave technology, and the Biofeedback Electrical Stimulation Device along with the other elements of the HOPE Protocol, Dr. Ripoll’s treatment plan has women of all ages enjoying more sensitive, painless sex. Quick and painless ‘The O Shot’ can be administered on your lunch break. Learn more.

P – Pelvic Structural Health

Injuries in the lumbar or sacral areas can cause painful sex and muscular instability. Damage to the nerves in the pelvis and lower back can lead to decreased sensitivity and sexual dysfunction and  to conditions such as Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, and Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. Using thermography to identify problem areas we conduct PRP injections of the ligaments in the lower back and pelvis in combination with physical therapy. This results in a healthy pelvic floor and proper neuromuscular alignment and resolves long standing sexual dysfunction and pain during intercourse, as well as reversing urinary incontinence symptoms. Learn more.

E – Emotional Health (neurotransmitter health)

Strong correlation between neurotransmitters in the brain and hormone release has long been established. The neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin, among others, are important factors in sexual satisfaction and desire, as well as in the release of the proper hormone cascade necessary for optimal sexual health and function. This aspect of the HOPE Protocol concentrates on establishing the unique neurotransmitter patterns for each patient and provides pathways to remove imbalance in the brain and establish proper hormone balance in the body, to improve intimacy for both partners. Learn more.