Welcome to the HOPE Protocol. Our breakthrough protocol has been helping men with a variety of conditions.
If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), or the inability to maintain an erection, 
then HOPE Protocol might be right for you.
We treat the physiological, hormonal, and emotional causes of your sexual dysfunction and give you back a vibrant sexual life.
It’s easy to let these conditions take the joy out of your life but now, there’s HOPE.

– Hormone Optimization

As men age, testosterone levels decline, and estrogen levels rise in the body. While administering the other elements of the Protocol, Dr. Ripoll rebalances the testosterone and estrogen levels in her male patients. Healthy testosterone levels are key factors in influencing sex drive and performance. Dr. Ripoll often sees significant results in her patients in a little as two weeks. Learn more.

O – Organ Health (Penile)

A healthy penis is critical for good sexual function. As men age, their ability to get and maintain an erection becomes more difficult; aging valves and tissue make the retention and flow of blood into the penis problematic. Now, using the breakthroughs of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and the Priapus shot, in combination with other treatments like the use of stem cells and Pressure Wave Technology, elements of the man’s own blood are used to stimulate the innate healing of the body. Men experience fast results that last, and many report penis enlargement as a result of the procedure. The Priapus shot is quick and painless and can be administered during your lunch break. Learn more.

P – Pelvic Structural Health

The nerve pathways of the lower back are very important to healthy sexual function. Injuries in the lumbar or sacral areas can cause painful sex and instability, which can lead to difficulty getting an erection, trouble with ejaculation, and decreased sensation. The HOPE Protocol evaluates and, when needed, corrects pelvic and lower back pain causes of sexual dysfunction. In some cases this involves PRP injections of the ligaments in the lower back and pelvis in combination with physical therapy. This achieves a healthy pelvic floor and proper neuromuscular alignment resulting in the resolution of long standing sexual dysfunction and pain during intercourse. Learn more.

E – Emotional Health (neurotransmitter health)

Strong correlation between neurotransmitters in the brain and hormone release has long been established. The neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin, among others, are important factors in sexual satisfaction and desire, as well as in the release of the proper hormone cascade necessary for optimal sexual health and function. This aspect of the HOPE Protocol concentrates on establishing the unique neurotransmitter patterns for each patient and provides pathways to remove imbalance in the brain and establish proper hormone balance in the body, to improve intimacy for both partners. Learn more.