E-Emotional Health (Neurotransmitter Optimization)

Metabolic & neurotransmitter optimization questionnaires are ideal diagnostic tools for anti-aging, hormonal and weight-loss issues.  The questionnaires we use at the HOPE Protocol alert us to potential issues and problems before we even begin treatment.

The answers we receive on these questionnaires provide us an excellent window into how our patients’ bodies are functioning, and where they might need help.

For example, there’s no direct way to measure neurotransmitters; however, the answers we receive to the NTAF Questionnaire, tells us where to focus our efforts.

Likewise, the questions on the Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire help us identify areas that may be undermining our patients’ health. Once we pinpoint these areas, together we can begin the journey of helping our patients feel vibrantly alive again — or perhaps for the first time.

We combine the answers we receive from these metabolic & neurotransmitter optimization questionnaires with information from a medical history, physical exam, blood tests, and other diagnostic tools to design individualized wellness programs that deliver life-altering results. Many of our patients tell us that before they went through the HOPE Protocol, they barely allowed themselves to dream they could look and feel this good.