– Hormone Optimization

As men age testosterone levels in the body declines. Most men experience low testosterone (Low T) in their lifetime. The decline in testosterone leads to a rise in estrogen in the male body, especially in the modern era where estrogen in leaches into our systems in a variety of new ways (the plastics in water bottles for example). At the HOPE Protocol we first test and establish your hormone levels, then, based on the results, we decide on a way to optimize them that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

And it’s not just your testosterone: tired adrenal glands also affect your liver, kidneys, muscles, and brain function. As this happens, all the other endocrine glands shift their hormone output to compensate for the depleted adrenals. If this condition persists, your thyroid gland will also shut down so your body doesn’t spin out of control. This interconnectivity is why it is so important to maintain healthy hormone levels.

That is why we employ an approach that balances hormones across the endocrine system.

We focus on four areas of Hormone Optimization

  1. Adrenal function

  2. Thyroid function

  3. Gonadal function (ovaries and testes)

  4. Pancreatic function

Once we’ve isolated the problem, rebalancing your endocrine system can be remarkably simple. For example, once your adrenal glands are back to normal, all the other endocrine glands shift their hormone production, and the entire system goes back to homeostasis and balance.

Low T Options:

BLA Tablets

In an effort to avoid a liver toxicity problem, Belmar Pharmacy developed a proprietary delivery method for bio-identical hormones called Bio-available Lymphatic Absorption (BLA) Lipid Matrix System. These oral lipid capsules avoid the first-pass effect because they are absorbed by the lymphatic system in the villi of the intestine — instead of the normal metabolic pathway that runs from the villi’s capillaries to the portal veins and on to the liver.

Troches (Lozenges)

Troches are cough-drop like lozenges that are placed underneath the tongue (sublingual), where the hormones within them are absorbed directly into blood. The advantages of using troches for testosterone replacement therapy include a rapid peak in testosterone blood levels (which is accompanied by a boost in energy), they are effective at lower does, the troches can be taken before a romantic interlude or a workout, and they are very convenient (no gels, patches, or needles).

There are a couple of drawbacks to this approach. Not all the male hormones in each lozenge is absorbed directly into the blood stream, as some percentage of it is swallowed and makes its way into the digestive tract and on to the liver (first pass), where it can be toxic. The other disadvantage of using troches is the rapid rise in testosterone, which causes a rapid spike in other hormones. This secondary response can be mitigated easily by adding a small amount of estrogen blockers to the troches.


Testosterone pellets are the oldest form of testosterone replacement therapy. The longevity of this mode of testosterone delivery is a tribute to its safety and efficacy. Compounded bio-identical pellets are placed just beneath the skin to provide consistent hormone therapy for up to six months — without any of the ups and downs in libido, mood, or energy that can accompany other hormone delivery methods.

The biggest advantage of this type of hormone delivery system is the peace of mind that comes from knowing this hormone therapy is working — without having to take a pill twice a day, apply a gel, put on a patch, or make an appointment for the next injection. The only drawback to this method of BHRT is that inserting the pellets requires an office visit.

Topical Gels and Creams

Gels and creams are simple and effective ways to combat low testosterone. They avoid the first-pass effect because they are absorbed directly through the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, testosterone and other steroids are released gradually into circulation for several hours. Gels and creams hold one advantage of over transdermal patches. Men who use gels and creams have a general reduction in their percentage of body fat.

The disadvantage of creams and gels is the possibility of transmission to anyone with whom you have skin-to-skin contact before the gel or cream dries completely, which can take up to 15 minutes, but because gels and creams are so easy to apply, patients can mimic the body’s natural twice-a-day bump in testosterone production.

Transdermal Patches

Like gels and creams, these easy-to-apply patches allow for bio-identical hormones to be absorbed directly through the skin where they are stored and released slowly over the course of 24 hours. The advantage of this delivery method is that peeling off one patch before bed and pressing on another one takes 15 seconds. The disadvantage is the glue used to adhere the patch to your skin can cause irritation, rashes, and hair loss near the patches.

Because of their ease of use, gels and creams have largely replaced transdermal patches as a hormone delivery method.


Unlike old-school testosterone injections where patients received huge doses of hormones that peaked quickly and declined just as fast, modern hormone injections therapy involves smaller doses of androgens that are injected more frequently (approximately every two weeks).

Today’s androgen injections are supplemented by Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) therapy on the weeks in between testosterone injections, which helps to balance the patient’s hormone levels, metabolism, and emotional life.

The advantages of androgen injections are cost and convenience. The disadvantages are the injections themselves; some men simply do not like needles.