HOPE for IC and CPPS

For the many sufferers of Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain life can painful and uncomfortable. Whether dealing with chronic pain, urgency, or frequency symptoms the impact of these problems have long gone overlooked and ignored by the medical community. Today the attitude is shifting. We are better understanding the root cause of many of these symptoms and what we have found has often been seemingly unrelated. Hormone imbalance and pelvic structure can directly affect the organs in the pelvic region, for example, and can manifest as pain or discomfort felt in the bladder.

At the HOPE Protocol® clinic, we believe that patients deserve to be heard and their symptoms understood. We use a multifaceted diagnostic approach to uncover the often hidden causes of pelvic pain and with the latest diagnostic and treatment tools available (such as DOPPLER ultrasound and Shockwave therapy) we help patients to regain their health and their lives.