Prostate Cancer & The HOPE Protocol™

The creator of the HOPE Protocol™, Dr. Emilia Ripoll, is a world renowned Urologic Oncologist who specializes in Prostate Cancer care. The HOPE for Him protocol was first conceived of to help men undergoing prostate cancer treatment fight the side effects of sexual dysfunction that so frequently occur.

The HOPE Protocol™ is engineered around your specific prostate cancer case and every single patient receives a design for their treatment regimen unique to them. Dr Ripoll, with more than 30 years of practicing urologic medicine, customizes the protocol around the needs of your treatment, and lifestyle, to help maximize the potential of your results.

There was a time when hearing the words “Prostate Cancer” meant Erectile Dysfunction, and for so many men with prostate cancer it is still a frightening reality.

But now there is HOPE.

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Emilia Ripoll MD - urologist - urologic oncologist Priapus shot Lafayette CO 80026Dr. Ripoll is a board certified Urologist and world-renowned Prostate Cancer expert. Her new book Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing is an Amazon bestseller. Learn More about the Urologic services Dr. Ripoll offers by clicking the link below or calling us at 303.554.4444