Penile Health Inside & Out

Size matters, it’s not up for debate. For thousands of years men have yearned for a bigger penis and have tried countless techniques to achieve that end. Today, our methods are considerably more sophisticated and exponentially more successful. At the HOPE Protocol® clinic we are always on the look out for improved treatment options that can help our patients achieve their goals. By combining several of these breakthrough methods we can treat the entire penis, both on the inside and out, and help men achieve stronger erections, straighten curvature, and improve length and girth. The days of dreaming big are now a reality.


We use a variety of techniques to achieve the highest potential for a strong, durable, penis. By treating inside the corpus cavernosum we are able to naturally rebuild healthy tissue, which corrects venous leaks and other blood flow problems as well as breaking up obstructive stones or plaque.

Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, shockwave treatments and stem cells, we are able to rebuild the structure of the penis and give men the erections and stamina they long for.


Length and girth of the penis are important to almost all men and as we age there is a natural decline in both aspects. If a patient is suffering from ED, the unused penis is likely to atrophy (quite literally use it or lose it) resulting in a shorter and narrower shaft. This can affect confidence not only in the bedroom but in many other parts of life. Who wants to feel embarrassed in the gym showers after all?

Thankfully we have solutions not only for ED but for improving penis size. Having treated the inside of the penis (see left column) we are able to use that as a sort of scaffolding to then rebuild the outside. Using hyaluronic acid fillers, we treat the tissue in between the fascia of the corpus cavernosum and the skin. These fillers, similar to Juvederm® or collagen, inspire growth in the tissues into which they are absorbed. This growth has lasting effects and gives men significant improvements in penis size.