Vampire Wing Lift

By October 21, 2017Articles

The second wave of the sexual revolution has arrived.

In the past, sex used to be confined to the darkness, and it was often short-lived affair. For millions, the appearance of their genitalia was neither of concern nor consequence.

Today, intimacy is more likely to happen with the lights on, so it should come as no surprise that romantic exploration and experimentation are becoming increasingly common. In today’s sexual landscape, partners are more open to conversations about the way our genitals look and feel.

New breakthroughs in sexual health such as Platelet Rich Plasma and the O-Shot, have given doctors new tools to restore the appearance and sensitivity of the labia majora. These quick and painless procedures allow women to reclaim their sexual confidence and vitality.





Using blood-derived growth factors and hyaluronic fillers (like Juvederm) to rejuvenate the labial tissue, the Vampire Wing Lift (especially when used in combination with the O-Shot) can dramatically improve sexual health and confidence.

The Vampire Wing Lift increases the sensitivity of the labia and corrects discoloration, while tightening the skin and tissue. It can be easily administered during the O-Shot procedure, or as a stand-alone treatment.

Restore the sexuality of your youth, feel confident, feel comfortable, and feel lifted.

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